developing the design...

Concept Design sketches describe our initial ideas and responses to the client’s brief and the site’s parameters. Usually  plans, and 3D computer model drawings are presented.

These first sketches are not set in stone. They  are a framework for discussions about the project and its design direction. The client is encouraged to voice their views on what they like or dislike, how they think it relates to their brief.

There is likely to be a number of meetings  between the client and architect to consider and refine the Concept Design until the Design Concept is signed off on.

Project Cost Estimation is undertaken at this stage to marry the design and budget expectations. This is undertaken by an independent quantity surveyor or contractor to ensure impartial assessment of the potential Construction Cost against the Project Budget.

Further Project cost estimation is undertaken at the completion of the Developed Design if any refinements made have cost implications.

Early consultation with Territorial Authorities is prudent to flush out any issues as often they can be subjective.

 If a Resource Consent is required, the application can be lodged at this stage to allow the Council to make their decision, and any resultant design changes into the Developed Design with out causing undue time delays.

For staged or large scale Projects it can be prudent to apply for a Project Information Memorandum to ensure the Territorial Authority defines any issues.

Design Development is simply bringing the design concept into focus. The Sketch Designs are developed in form, structure, materials and services. 

This development is done with through computer modelling so all aspects of the built environment can be explored in the design stage.  Presentations, discussions and refinement take place during this stage to agree the final Developed Design.