WORK-Geraldine Library

Geraldine, South Canterbury
385 Sqrm
Local Authority and Public Library
Design, Contract Documentation and Construction Administration
The commission was to design a new Local Authority Service Centre for the Geraldine Community. This would house the day to day functions of the Council administration along with a Public Library and facilities for various Community Groups.

Important to the project was for the complex to reflect the nature of the community. The concept was to marry the functions of a modern service centre with the architectural heritage of the town, particularly of the Historic Theatre adjacent. Key to the concept was reinterpreting the Architectural Language of the Theatre into the new complex, so they complimented each other.

By positioning the Centre at the rear of the site, a public square could be formed. The square, framed by the theatre to the north, gives pedestrian access priority too and from the complex and a public meeting space form the community.