LEARN-Longbeach School

Longbeach Ashburton
178 sqm
Primary Education
Design, Contract Documentation and Construction Administration
Longbeach School is a full rural primary school situated 12km south east of Ashburton, Mid Canterbury.

With a growing roll, Rushton Architects was commissioned to undertaken the design of a two stage development. A multipurpose Arts Centre followed by  a new Learning Space.

Situated adjacent to the older verandah classroom block, the Arts Centre is shaped to mirror the old classroom block in form, scale and materials . The verandah is continued to link the Arts  Centre and older classroom block and  frames the grassed play courtyard.

The new learning space is formed at the end of the verandah by using the lean-too form of the verandah on a larger scale. By using a post and bean construction technique followed through from the verandah form, the Learning Space has  substantial glazing giving it an open and light feel.